Monday, August 14, 2017

Why it is important to purchase A good case for your iPad?

Whether you’re working at a construction site or in an office, or if you only use your iPad at home a case is one of the first accessories you should bye
 A  good case will protect your investment such as your iPad from drops and Falls..  You may say that you are super careful. Or you only keep it in one spot. 

But there may be that one time  you take it somewhere and it slips out of your hand. 
The last thing you want to see is a broken screen.  
Yes you can have your iPad repaired. But there is the cost of repair work also the time without your device. Specially if you're using it for work. Investing in a case will save you money and time in the long run.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Here is my review of my new BumpKase by

Hello my name is Chelsea and I want to tell you about my New iPad case called BumpKase

Being a visually impaired person I have had a few issues with judging exactly if I have placed an item on a bed, counter or dresser. I have had a few times where I have missed the mark. And was extremely concerned if I have damaged what I have dropped. 

  I have been looking for a durable case for my iPad and  I have found the one that will give me that protection I want.

I have been using his case for about one week and it is the best drop proof case ever to protect my iPad! It's excellent quality with sleek design & it's made of rugged TPU and has double protected corners so if it drops it is safe! Plus it has a unique hand strap which allows me to hold it in one hand, & it comes in great colours! You will love it! Connecting headphones & plugging it in to charge is super easy, the ports are clearly delineated and very easy to use. It has a magnetic cover for sleep wake mode, and folds nicely into standing position & landscape mode. 
Another nice feature is that there is a clear pocket for a card with your name/phone number/address and email address. This will be beneficial for people knowing who the device belongs to.

 I know at times that money is extremely tight. And when you purchase an item you don't always plan on purchasing accessories and a mediately. But when you purchase a expensive I am such as an iPad it is extremely important to consider purchasing a case to protect your investment.  

So if you have an iPad or considering getting one I would extremely recommend checking out this company. They also have a case for laptops.