Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hotmail And iPhone4s Frenzy

Hotmail And iPhone4s Frenzy

If you have a Hotmail email account you probably went through this Tuesday, November 22, 2016.

On Tuesday between 9 and 10 AM my father's iphone4s was no longer fetching any new  email from hotmail.  So I got on the web and tried to find a solution. I found these suggestions to fix the problem.

1 restart the phone.

2 remove the mail account from the phone and reenter the information.

3 update your iPhone to the latest iOS.

4 Do a soft restart.

5 Reset your phone to factory settings and re-enter all your information.

I did steps 1 through 4 but was not very interested in doing step 5. After doing the software update which took approximately two hours it still did not solve the problem.  Extremely frustrating.

He also has an iPad Air that's running iOS 10. His iPad was still fetching his mail. 

After all that I went through I   Figured it had something to do with the version of iOS that he was running on his iPhone4s. After spending five hours trying to figure this out I downloaded and loaded in different email client so he can collect his mail. And decided to take a break until the next morning.  

Woke up this morning and my father mentioned that his iphone is now fetching his Hotmail email again. Not sure what the problem was. But I'm guessing possibly that Hotmail had some issues and only iPhones running iOS 9 and below were affected. 

I am quite curious to find out if anybody else who has a iphone running iOS 9 and has  a hotmail Account had the same problem.

This was a very very frustrating experience.  

I really wish that Hotmail would have taken a bigger effort to notify people who have Hotmail  account that there was a problem. If they were aware of it. That would save a bunch of people stress and unnecessary work.

Would love to hear anybody else's story regarding this problem. And what they went through.

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