Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Chelsea Stark A good friend of mine named Jolanta Pilinkaite the...

Chelsea Stark A good friend of mine named Jolanta Pilinkaite the...:

I have tunnel vision and can only see to about two feet in front of me.
I use the live view to compose the pictures since I cannot see through the viewfinder.
for me, photography means that I can pause the World around me so I can get a better view.

Art is not the medium, and art is not the execution; art is the idea.
The best way I can describe it is this saying: I found art is everywhere and all you have to do is look.
With the right amount of inspiration and ideas you can make art out of anything.
What does beauty mean to me as a visually impaired photographer?
I believe beauty is something that moves you and inspires you.
 — with Sense and Chelsea Stark.

See picture below.

Travelling - when you get that amazing photo it's all worth it.
I am legally blind and was born with optic nerve demage.
My most memorable place:
Yellowstone national park . It gave me a little bit of everything.
Since my field of vision is so narrow I photograph close up intimate subjects.
I find inspiration in the majestic mountain sides. The animal that stops and looks at you almost like they're posing so you can take their picture. And the newly bloomed flower that reaches out to the sun.
Animals, flowers and landscape all-in-one.
Makes me feel energized and excited. 
 — with Chelsea Stark and Sense. see picture below

My friend Jolanta Pilinkaite  the owner of  Sense made these panels from my Blind photography.  She did a wonderful job with these two panels. I am very impressed.  Blind  To see more from Jolanta Pilinkaite  go to  Sense Facebook page. Photographer Chelsea stark

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